I'm Yvonne.


Besides enjoying long walks on the beach, I am fascinated about the relationship between business, technology and the people it serves. I'm on a mission to link these entities to create products that help us do more.


Teamwork is beyond completing a task, it is also the journey of reaching the shared goal. Being an effective listener and having the ability to create a welcoming environment is why I succeed in teams!


As a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor for 3 years, I've learned to approach any situation calmy to find the best solution.


After 13 years, I achieved the Royal Conservatory of Music's ARCT Performers Diploma with Honours. Along the way, I was challenged to think creatively, persevere and develop strong work ethic.


Developed a full-stack web application to reduce the manual effort of maintaining spread sheets, increase visibility of projects and streamline project management processes.

Collaborated with stakeholders and engineers to write a Project Requirements Document and a Design Document for the proposed solution.

Technical Solutions Consultant Intern | Google

Migrated legacy risk management system to modern web framework using Javascript, Angular, SQL.

Managed System Development Life Cycle and client expectation through weekly feedback cycles.

Senior Intern Analyst IT | Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board

Led 15 university leaders to execute monthly personal/professional workshops, and a female mentorship program.

Integrated agile project practices; planning meetings, and agile board to better manage tasks and timeline.

Co-President | Young Women in Business UBC

Implemented new features to the web-based software using serverless architectures from AWS

Created responsive UI using Javascript, Bootstrap, React, Redux

JavaScript Web Application Developer | Celayix Software

Facilitating weekly computer science labs and assist in course proccesses.

Teaching Assistant (CPSC 110, CPSC 310) | University of British Columbia

Beyond Code & Business.

Water Activities

I may have been a fish in my previous life. I enjoy all activities in the water; including swimming and surfing.


I have a passion for writing and content creation. On my free time, you can find me around Vancouver scouting for picture worthy locations. I also hostedUBC's weekly video series.


I'll always find time to go to new places and experience different cultures. I don't have to go far to always find a new adventure!

Get In Touch!

I'm currently looking for full-time employment.

If you think that I may be a great fit for your company, think you may need my help with a project or simply wanting to say hi, feel free to reach out.

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